Who We Are

Display with a smile. Create with a laugh. Learn with a friend.

Woodchip Workshops is a handmade cheeky, sweet and funny wooden decor business putting as many smiles on everyone's faces as we can.

We make fun and cheeky decor to brighten your day AND DIY take home kits so you can keep the laughs going at home AND soon to launch a series of craft classes for our local Ottawa Valley customers.

But who are we really- Our story Em and Liz


We are the Wood Chips but we started off as childhood friends. We have known each other for over 20 years and have been making in some way or another ever since. From building random things in Liz’s Dad’s workshop and using a belt sander to create 45 degree angles instead of using the proper tools (I think we had sawdust in our noses for months). Too baking up a storm in the kitchen and deciding to triple a already tripled batch of chocolate cookies and turning the mixer on high because clearly there were a lot of ingredients and it needed more power to mix properly (we were still finding chocolate chips 10 years later when Liz’s parents moved). Through the years our skills have gotten a little more refined and we are a bit better at choosing the right tools for the job, but sometimes we still make a mess, but at least we have a story to tell.

Our latest workshop adventure brought us the start of the Wood Chips. It started something like this:

  • We made one cute sign
  • Em showed her boss at work
  • Em’s boss said: “You should sell those at the corporate craft show!!!!”

And so the making began because we had ONE sign (like… literally that ONE) and we had a month to come up with more designs and make up stock to sell at said craft show. But we did it, we survived and we even signed up for a couple other shows since we had the stock anyways.

So, that’s how this crazy adventure started and we haven’t looked back since. Since that first crazy Christmas season, we have changed and evolved as our creative brains have run rampant.  We have each found our place and play on our strengths.

Liz moved out to the country and has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears restoring a rundown 150-year-old farm home with a log cabin (that was attempting to either cave in, burn down or be a home for every bit of wildlife around) in the backyard that she has converted to an amazing workshop. Liz is always on the move (if someone could bottle her energy they would make a fortune) and is happiest when she is covered in sawdust, sprinkling it wherever she goes.

Em on the other hand is perfectly content in the city with her little maker space built in her spare room. Em uses her design and computer programing background to come up with designs and ideas for new products. A little fun fact about Em, she is not allowed to play with the power tools. She is capable of hurting herself on the simplest things (no joke, a belt sander attacked her once). So, she is in charge of the laser instead (for real, its safer this way).

We both have our own cheeky humor and combine it with our carpentry and design skills we have fun making awesome decor that makes you smile, laugh and maybe blush every time you see it. We love making, thinking up new fun designs, but the best part of what we do is seeing the smiles and hearing the laughs our work brings to so many people.